Rooster on the Run: Food Truck Rodeo, Durham NC

If you grew up in rural anywhere, you’ve most likely been eating at food trucks for most of your life. Funnel Cakes (fried), oreos dipped in batter and fried, Turkey Legs that are fried, assorted vegetables that are fried, random parts of animals that are fried and sold on a stick.  Some of my PA favorites include Polish/Ukrainian food like Halushki, Halupkis and Pierogies (can be fried) and Apple and Peach Dumplings.

We even had two (stationary) food trucks at Cornell University that stayed open late and offered mostly fried and unhealthy food for students coming home from parties with the munchies.

But, we urban dwellers (me included, now) are quite into this food truck thing, and it’s little different.  They were all the rage in Austin, TX where we lived from 2008-2010 and now they are gaining quite the following in Durham, NC.  Periodically, food trucks from all around the triangle area and beyond will congregate for an event called The Food Truck Rodeo.  We decided to check it out one hot, sticky day at the beginning of September.

We arrived at the rodeo around 12:30, as soon as it opened.  If I go in the future, I will go perhaps 15 minutes earlier than that.  30 minutes into the event, the lines were really long.  Especially for The Parlour Ice Cream.  Get there early and eat dessert first, people.  I didn’t bother with the line for the ice cream because I eat The Parlour’s delicious scoops all of the time when they are parked around Durham.

After a quick survey of the trucks, this one stuck out to me the most, and the line was pretty reasonable.  Boxcarr Farms...

After seeing Boxcarr Farms’s menu, I decided that their Butternut Squash Spaetzle was going to be my first choice.

Oh. my. god.  This was not a dish you buy out the side of a truck.  This is something you eat in a fine restaurant…

The squash was succulent and fresh, the handmade Spaetzle melted in my mouth.  The brown butter and Farmer’s cheese gave it just the right amount of saltiness.

I washed it down with a cup of BikeCoffee‘s iced Java.  Yes, this is coffee sold from a cart wheeled by a bike.

Later, my husband and I split a MamaDuke’s Mediterranean Chicken Platter and I couldn’t eat anymore.

While also delicious, my favorite of the afternoon was definitely the Spaetzle.

There’s another Food Truck Rodeo coming up in Durham, NC on October 28, 2012.  I hope BoxCarr Farms will be there and I’m excited to see what they will offer.

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