The Roost: Fresh Flowers on the Cheap

Living for the past 5 years on a graduate student budget means I don’t get all of the little luxuries.  Manicures?  Pedicures?  Highlights?  Not so much.  I do have very nice things (you’ve seen my Le Creuset pot) but those things are usually  saved up for, bought with planning and caution, or are received as gifts.

Fresh flowers are a luxury.  A luxury that I love, and a luxury that means a lot to me.  My grandmother,”Grams,” always had fresh flowers in her house.  She loved orchids, delicate water lilies floating in glass bowls, and dramatic bouquets highlighting her dinner table.  She always had beautiful mums in the fall, geraniums in the warmer weather.  But she also taught me that you don’t always need to buy the most expensive bouquets to have the touch of fresh flowers in your house.  Carnations are economical and last for a long time.  Seasonal flowers are beautiful, sustainable and often affordable.  I keep my bouquets simple and try and add a fresh bouquet to my house to remember her.  Whenever possible, I even try and snatch them from whatever is blooming in my own yard.

This bouquet of Alstroemeria or “Lily of the Incas,” is an affordable yet beautiful flower.  It only cost me $3.99.  I love this flower — it was a part of my DIY wedding bouquet when I got married in Chile.  The little swine is a dog toy.

I added some Alstroemeria to the survivors of the seasonal bouquet I bought at Whole Foods last week.  The Berger daisies didn’t make it past 7 days, but of course the carnations are still looking great.

In the spring, local daffodils were $3 per bunch.

These irises were also less than $5 last spring.

I got these camellias from the bushes in my front yard.

These flowering buds also make a minimalist, simple bouquet.  I trimmed them from a tree in my front yard, as well.

I hope that you get creative and indulge yourself with the little luxuries, whether they are fine chocolate, a sudsy bubble bath or dry red wine with dinner.  I know that those things make me enjoy life each and every day.

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