Coffee: Highlander Grogg

Let’s be completely honest with each other, reader.  I haven’t been posting as much as I like to. My house is a mess.  I haven’t done dishes in a week.  Not a single bag from my trip last weekend has been unpacked.  So I haven’t been cooking.  Well, except for a quick repeat batch of my Aunt Donna’s Chicken Soup, and pancakes.

I’ve spent the past week sick as a dog.

Oh, wait.  My dog doesn’t really like that metaphor.  He’s barely ever sick.  “Suck it up two-legged human.”  (How cute is my rescue mutt?!?!  I am obsessed with him.)

So, this week was a little difficult and I haven’t been eating much. Cold medicine is an incredible appetite suppressant and I’d much rather sleep.I barely even made it to the store to buy sustenance.  One day I didn’t even eat until 3pm when I started to scrape down the bottom of a yogurt container.  But a few days ago I got a little surprise in the mail that brightened my spirits, courtesy of my baby brother.  Now, let’s be real here, I call him my baby brother but he’s bigger than me.  And stronger than me.  And probably smarter than me.  But I like to call him my baby brother to keep things in balance, people, because no matter how big he gets I’ll always be his older sister.

He sent me three whole packages of a coffee bean he really likes, Kaldi’s Coffee Highlander Grogg.  He was introduced to it by a friend from St. Louis.

My brother is my best friend.  We’ve chosen very different paths in life and are very different people, but we’ve grown to cultivate a mutual respect for one another. And a love for coffee.  But I tend to be more of a purist.  I love dark beans, turn my nose up at drip coffee makers, and have spent a little bit too much time reviewing tasting notes at Sweet Marias.  And have also been planning to toast my own beans via popcorn popper (It’s totally possible!).

So a few weeks ago he sent me this video.  And I think he was definitely hinting at me:

Coffee Snobs – watch more funny videos

But since this is a post of confessions, I will admit, sometimes I love flavored coffees, especially anything with hazelnut.  And I always add half and half and sometimes sweetener.  And sometimes cinnamon.

And this, my friends, is quite a good flavored coffee.  The bean itself is a little bit too light for me, which produces a more acidic cup, but the flavors are really complex and it pretty much tastes like dessert in a cup.

Using a siphon pot (see my tutorial video) really helps reduce acidity, even in a lighter bean.

I’m usually a person who prefers flavor notes — flavors that come through naturally during the toasting process.  But this coffee offers a more potent flavor mix than you can find naturally: Maple, Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Rum.  Perfect for a crisp fall morning.

I topped my cup off with cinnamon and mixed in some half and half.  Good morning, world!

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