Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

This isn’t a recipe, as much as encouragement to get creative.  Don’t throw out your pumpkin seeds!  Roast them in your oven!

Why?  Pumpkins seeds are full of manganese, zinc, tryptophan, magnesium… so nutritious!

First, you have to separate your seeds from the pumpkin guts.  This is the hardest part.  I work in sections.  Rinse the seeds under water in a colander to clean off excess pulp.  It’s okay if some gets left on.

To season and roast them up:

You need a fat: can be vegetable oil, olive oil, melted butter, melted coconut oil, what have you.

You need some spice: it could be sweet things like cinnamon and brown sugar, cloves, and nutmeg, or savory like garlic salt, cayenne pepper, salt and freshly ground pepper

A great combination could be sesame oil, soy sauce and sriracha/rooster sauce!  I tried it out on half of mine – it’s quite spicy, beware!

You can also sprinkle stronger spices like tumeric and cumin, coat with lime or lemon juice.  The possibilities are endless.

Don’t want to be adventurous?  Just do plain old oil, salt and pepper.  It will still be delicious.

Mix together your seeds, oil and spices in a bowl.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.  Spread seeds out evenly.

Any thing you want to be “crunchy” like kosher salt should be sprinkled on top at this point.

Bake at 375 degrees F between 5-20 minutes, turning the seeds occasionally as they roast.  Roasting time depends on the amount of seeds you have in your pan.

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