Coffee: Counter Culture Bourbon Variety


I wasn’t planning on writing about coffee today.  I just happened to venture upon a coffee bean that was out of this world.  Upon first sip I belted out an expletive: “Holy sh*t!”

The truth is I’ve been sort of off coffee lately.  I blame this entirely on the Keurig.  I’m just going to come out here and express my dislike of Keurig coffee.  It’s bitter and acidic and it gives me heart burn and a tummy ache.  Unfortunately while home over my holiday vacation I didn’t take my Syphon Pot with me and I was limited to normal drip coffee and the Keurig my parents own.  I essentially stopped drinking coffee because of this.  The other day I got a cup of Hazelnut coffee in Panera Bread and it was so acidic I had to throw half of it away.

Maybe I’m actually more of a tea person, I thought, and brewed Chai like mad.


Then, today happened.  It is the coldest day of the year so far.  I must have pressed a strange button on our heating system because when I woke up the house was 61 degrees F.  And I happened to wake up at 5:30am because I was freezing.  And I think my dogs were freezing, too, because they were snuggled up with me under the covers.  We took advantage of the cold morning and decided to go for a walk as soon as the sun came up.  I was counting on the mud to be frozen and the Sarah P. Duke Gardens to be empty.  I’m from the north! I thought and bundled up.  I even put a dog sweater on my little one.


So we’ve all been up since 5:30am and for most of the day my house was freezing until I figured out what I had done to the thermostat.  My dogs are zonked because they aren’t used to waking up so early.  The truth is I am zonked, too.  And I realized I was craving a good, piping hot cup of coffee.  So I set off for the store and of course as I was perusing the coffee aisle for something new the big word BOURBON caught my eye.


Coffee that tastes like bourbon?  I’ll take it.  The truth is that the coffee doesn’t taste like bourbon.  Bourbon is actually a coffee variety, the kind that Counter Culture praises as “King of the heirlooms.”  Their bean is single-origin coming from Kabirizi, Rwanda.  If you’re not already intrigued  just read Counter Culture’s description:

Sweet, rich notes of chocolate, butter pastry, and dark fruit.

Well, it knocked my socks off.  It’s a dark roast, but not too dark.  Its buttery chocolate flavor is purely decadent.  It’s so delicious I could probably drink it black. I am actually really dying to try this as a pour-over coffee…

(Above you’ll see a new investment I made, The Bean Safe.  I decided I needed an airtight container to store my beans that didn’t let in any light.)


Those beautiful bubbles are seen when you brew truly fresh coffee — they are the gasses and the flavors escaping from the freshly ground beans.

Well, Counter Culture’s Bourbon Bean is delicious and well-worth its price of $12.99/lb.  Stay warm and enjoy!


2 responses to “Coffee: Counter Culture Bourbon Variety

  1. Your photos look beautiful!!

    I’m not a coffee drinker myself, although I pretty much have resigned myself to the fact that I will have to drink something caffeinated whenever I have a second baby.

    • Thank you! I got a real camera, finally! I am a recent coffee convert… finally after several years of graduate school I had no choice. I think when I have kids it will need to be injected straight to the vein because I’m tired out as it is! Kudos to you for making it thus far without the caffeine addiction!

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