I am a Pennsylvania girl with agrarian dreams, currently living in Durham, North Carolina but moving to the Philadelphia suburbs at the end of 2012.  Ever since I was a child I have loved to eat.  Cooking became a hobby in college, when I lived in a vegetarian cooperative house and participated in cook group for 19 people once a week.

I was a vegetarian for seven years and a vegan for one.  While I am now an omnivore, I try to be a conscious consumer buying local, organic produce and meats and poultry with humane practices.

I am married to a Chilean man, finishing a doctorate in Latin American Literature and am a mom to two rescue dogs: a labrador-hound mix and a beagle-chihuahua mix.

Why rooster & wheat?

rooster & wheat is an homage to Chilean and Ukrainian culture.   In my husband’s culture, the rooster or gallo is also an important folk symbol; the national dance cueca is based off of the movements of roosters and hens.  I come from a highly creative family with Ukrainian blood on both sides.  My grandfather passed down the art of Pysanky, Ukrainian egg decorating to our family and my father and aunts passed it down to us.  These images feel, for me, like home.  The rooster is a common symbol in Pysanky, a talisman of good fortune, exultation and vigilance representing fertility.  Wheat is a matriarchal symbol of harvest and bounty.

Places I have lived and love:

State College, PA | Ithaca, NY | Santiago, Chile | Austin, TX | Durham, NC | Blue Bell, PA